The Haagsche Kunsthandel     

sinds 1943


We are importer and exporter, we distribute to retailers and
We also sell directly to consumers
The reputation of us in Europe, mainly because we are immediately available from stock in a range of up to 3000 different items.
Porzellenfabrieken: Schierholz Plaue, Scheibe-Alsbach, Alteste Volkstedt, Sitzendorf, Klette, Dresden, Ritrisch etc.
Crystal Brands: Saxon Crystal, Döbern, Caesar Crystal, Irena Crystal and Swarovski Crystal

Chandeliers: 24 krt. gold plated or silver / chrome, Swarovski Crystal.

Because we already import decades alone in Netherlands Saxon Porcelain, by courts, insurance companies and Evaluation offices several times a year to ask our valuation expertise on age and valuation. You can also make good use of our expertise for assessment or opinion.
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